Welcome to Calgary; voted Canada’s Best Large City and the Best Place to Raise Kids in Canada..

Jamie’s lived in Calgary since 1981 — loves Calgary and know you will too.

No Surprises.
No Anxiety.

We understand buying a property can sometimes be stressful, that’s why we coach you through the more emotional stages of purchasing or selling a property.

Life is busy and moving takes a lot of time, money, and energy. That’s why we respect your time and preferences by only showing you relevant and quality properties that meet your needs. By the time we hit the road together, we’ve researched the precise properties, neighborhoods, amenities, and neighbours that are the best match for you.

Buying a property is equal parts emotion and intellect. A positive experience hinges on aligning life stage, personality and investment needs. We’ve stayed our course through market booms and busts and we’ve watched our city change and grow. As local property owners ourselves, we’ve been there, we are there and we’ll take you there.

We recognize real estate isn’t just about dollars and floor plans; it’s about individuals, families, about finances and about your future.


We understand what buyers need during each life cycle because we’ve cycled through them too and have supported thousands of our clients through each stage as well.

Our experience is our knowledge and our knowledge is your asset.

Every year, more than 95% of our business comes from referrals.

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