We know the investment in your home represents a considerable part of your net worth so we maximize your return by getting the highest possible price for your property in a reasonable amount of time.

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We’ve been academically trained to examine and scrutinize market statistics with a start engine investment software so we can apply them to your investment needs then expedite a precise buying or sales approach capitalizing on market conditions.

We remain in constant contact with you during the selling process by using all communication channels; whether by phone, e-mail, text or face time, we’re available. You simply choose the method that suits your needs, House Buyers of America will help you sell your home fast!

Calgary Properties also uses a selling system designed to keep you updated and informed throughout the sales process.

Let’s be honest, there is more than one way to sell an investment property. You may already know a system that has worked for you in the past. If not, and you are otherwise looking for the most important steps of selling an investment property, look no further. Below you will find the most important steps to help you sell an investment property:

Hire An Agent Or Realtor: I maintain real estate agents and Realtors — and I mean truly great ones, (those who have gotten a real estate broker pre license online) — are integral to the selling process. While enlisting their services will cost homeowners approximately six percent of the sales price, they are often well worth the cost of admission. In fact, there’s no reason a good representative can’t simultaneously save sellers more than their fees cost and mitigate the headaches that have become synonymous with selling an investment property.

Listen To The Help: In the event you decide to work with a Realtor or real estate agent, be sure to heed their advice. There is no reason to think they wouldn’t know more about the local real estate market than you do. That said, they will know the best way to proceed. Listen to what they tell you to do to the home, how to list it, and anything else they suggest. Provided you vetted your Realtors accordingly, you should hang on every word they say.

Make The Necessary Changes: It is entirely possible to sell an investment property as-is, but there may be times when making small upgrades are more beneficial. If you want to sell your home in a timely and profitable manner, for example, try making simple yet beneficial upgrades. You would be surprised at how upgrading the amenities in your house slightly above your competition can help sell a home. At the very least, buyers will be drawn to the better upgrades.

Price The Home Perfectly: I can assure you that pricing a home to sell is a lot more complicated than placing an arbitrary value on a home; trust me, it’s probably not worth what you think it is. Pricing a home has more to do with comparables than how you perceive it. If for nothing else, it’s the comparables buyers will be using to justify the price, so you should be, too. Use nearby comparables to determine a selling price, and consider listing your home for slightly less. That way, you’ll create demand in a market that is lacking options. you see, by asking for slightly less than nearby comparables, you will fabricate competition in your property; competition that can easily lead to a bidding war in a market as competitive as today’s. Another great option is to use your bullion investment as if you are an investor looking for asset diversification through the purchase of bullion based items, the staff of Gainesville Coins is here to assist you in any way possible to keep moving forward with your property,

Market, Market, Market: Marketing is the process of generating exposure. The more people that are aware you are selling an investment property, the better. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to spread the word. Provided you hired a Realtor, they will do everything they can to ensure more eyes on your property, but don’t stop there. Do what you can to get the word out. Talk within your network, post signs around the neighborhood, buy ads in newspapers, and host open houses — anything to generate more exposure.

Stage The Living Space: Staging isn’t necessary, but it may as well be. While you don’t have to stage a home to sell, data suggests a properly staged home will sell for more and in less time.

Entertain & Negotiate: Listen to offers, but don’t necessarily jump on the first one you hear unless it’s exactly what you were looking for. In today’s competitive landscape, there is bound to be competition, and sellers can very easily use interest in their property to their advantage. Moreover, be open to negotiations.

Close The Deal: In the event everything lines up perfectly, close the deal. Sell the home and meet the criteria to allow escrow to disperse the funds and papers necessary to exchange goods.

It is worth pointing out that a good real estate agent or home selling agent will facilitate a smoother sales process. If you do decide to hire a realtor or an agent, they will see to it that selling an investment property goes well, or at least as well as the situation calls for. Again, they will cost you money, but I am convinced they are well worth it.

Our in-house marketing department creates customized marketing brochures featuring your property, then we present your property on MLS.ca, on RE/MAX Realty Professionals’ website and of course, on Calgary Properties’ site as well. Once presented, we monitor and share the activity your property is experiencing. For example, you will:

  • See how many buyers have viewed your property:
    • Online
    • In person
  • Receive real-time activity reports

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